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Microsoft Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook 201315.0.4420.1017

Microsoft's flagship email program shows its age

If you think that Microsoft Outlook 2013 would be getting some dramatic new features and improvements like the rest of the applications in the Office 2013 suite, you'd be wrong. For the most part, Microsoft Outlook 2013 remains much the same as...
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  • by Anonymous

    Excellent software. Excellent software for using your message offline, it is more important software. Pros: The external look. Cons: Nothing

  • by Anonymous

    Outlook is not available.. This version of Microsoft's Outlook is no longer available and can therefor not be downloaded. Fantastic.

  • by Anonymous

    didnt work. pathetic link, doesnt work! disappointed. I love microsoft although :( Cons: registration procedure

  • by Anonymous

    hurts my eyes!. There are no high contrast settings which makes it killer on my eyes! I want 2010 back. :( Cons: high contrast

  • by Anonymous

    dont remove the notifcakions. this is worser then msn much worse. there is a resson i make it a big deal is cause i dont like not being notifide about so many specal annountsments.