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Free Microsoft Email Mobile Application

Outlook is one of the most popular email mobile applications around, with a wide array of features that include an integrated calendar, focused inbox facility, and snooze functions. The mobile app uses a clean and easy to navigate interface that opens seamlessly without any delays.

Responsive and Intuitive

The Outlook mobile application is the perfect way to keep in-sync with your existing email inbox, contact address book and calendar, whilst out of the office. Microsoft have put together a smooth and responsive interface that has an attractive design. You can easily flip between the inbox, calendar and other features, without having to sustain multiple open applications. What's more, the interface is responsive and everything just works well. One of the main downsides is the inability to have your calendars synchronise automatically, though it's a relatively minor niggle.

Final thoughts

For people who use Microsoft Outlook as one of their primary inboxes, the mobile app version is the ideal solution for working on the go. If you can deal with a slightly more limited version of the service, such as a lack of templates and no automatic calendar synchronisation, then it's an application worth having on your smartphone.


  • Works with existing Microsoft accounts
  • Integrates with your calendars


  • Lacks message templates
  • Calendar must be manually synchronised

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Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook 3.0.22 for Android

User reviews about Microsoft Outlook

  • Janis Griffin

    by Janis Griffin

    The dashboard is a little clunky..
    The dashboard/interface is a little clunky. It's not as easy to use as like gmail. At least thMore

  • Linkeeper BD Ltd

    by Linkeeper BD Ltd

    MS Corp would be considerate enough to concentrate on this minor issue. .
    Better if the latest version would have been available More

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