Latest Microsoft Outlook retro update brings some nostalgia

Shaun M Jooste


Why move forward when it’s more fun to go backward? Microsoft seems to be looking to the past with the latest Outlook update. There will be new additions to the ribbons, which are on the main menu. You’ll be able to switch between classic and simplified views, the former presenting the retro appearance for emails. We’re not sure if it will also make changes to meetings and the calendar.

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The Microsoft 365 Roadmap received a new entry that has to do with this update. While not much information is available at this point, it’s clear we should see it sometime in September 2022. It’s not a massive change, but it will let you switch to the old view in Outlook, giving you that sense of nostalgia. It’s uncertain what prompted this update; perhaps the tech giant is missing the good old days.

Latest Microsoft Outlook retro update brings some nostalgia

It’s strange to be going backward when Microsoft should be working on changes that take us forward. I get the same feeling when developers and publishers put so much energy into rehashing old games. They could be spending all that time making a new phenomenal title, instead. Imagine I went back and republished my novels with the initial grammar mistakes I made with my first books.

Latest Microsoft Outlook retro update brings some nostalgia

Despite my opinion on this matter, there are some people that like to go down memory lane. Perhaps you miss your Pentium 5 with Windows NT. Remember the ribbons that Microsoft Word and Excel had back then? I’m wondering if we should expect similar updates for these programs. Or perhaps I’ve missed them.

In any event, I’m more excited about Outlook receiving a To-Do list in the email section. I receive so many emails per day, it will help me be more productive with how I organize the content and plan my day.

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